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Moncton High School Hockey Classic
CC vs MM
Nov. 25 10:00 am
MEN Div. I
Nov. 25 10:00 am
MEN Div. I
Nov. 25 10:30 am
BM vs HE
Nov. 25 12:00 pm
MEN Div. I
RR vs MM
Nov. 25 2:00 pm

Greco Skills Competition



The participants of the Moncton’s High School Hockey Classic will once again have the opportunity to compete in the 27th edition of the Skills' Competition held in conjunction with our annual High School Hockey Classic. Past events have proven to be very successful, with both participants and spectators alike.

It will consist of two separate segments: Elimination Round, and the Finals. In the Elimination Round, each team may register 5 players and 1 goaltender in two (2) different events:

A) 3 vs 1 game - 3 offensive players, 1 defensive and 1 goaltender (you are allowed one extra offensive player and one extra defensive defensive player for substitution purposes)

B) Hardest Shot - 1 player

Note: In order to save confusion at the arena, we would like all teams to submit a list of players and which event they will be participating in to the Tournament Committee by December 15th. PLAYERS MAY ONLY PARTICIPATE IN ONE EVENT EACH. 


1) The Elimination Round will be held at a time TBA at the Superior Propane Centre (4-Plex) in Moncton. Players should arrive at the arena complex 90 minutes before the Elimination Round. Signage at the arenas will indicate the location of each event, along with all the participants' pre-registered numbers. Admission fee will be charged at the door and participants must have their tournament pass.
2) This year, there will be 2 different skills used in the competition. A description of each is included at the end of this outline.
3) Players must be dressed as if playing a game wearing dark "away" sweater. It is mandatory to have the full equipment, including the neck protector. This is for insurance reasons.
4) Each Elimination winner will receive a souvenir from our sponsor, and win the right to participate in the finals.
5) Points will be attributed to the winners and to the finalists. These will be tabulated, and a team will be declared "Best Team". The winner will be announced during the Skills Banquet and their team will be presented with an award.
6). We do not have access to 36 dressing rooms to be able to provide one to each team. Dressing rooms are set up by event with the doors clearly indicating which room is for which event. If in doubt, ask some of the off-ice on duty people.


1) The finals will be held at a time TBA at the Superior Propane Centre (4-Plex) rink A - the one with the seats. An admission fee will be charged to the public and the format will be that of a show with a master of ceremonies present.
2) The finalists will participate in the same events as in the elimination round, with individual winners being declared in each skill category.
3) Awards will be given out to individual and team winners.


A) 3 vs 1 game
Each team will have 3 forwards play against 1 defensive player and 1 goaltender. These mini games will be going on at both ends. In case of a tie after five minutes, we will go to a shootout 3 vs goaltender and the team that score two goals first shall win.


  • 5 minutes straight time.
  • Extra pucks at centre ice.
  • No body checking is allowed.
  • Defensive player and goalie can only chip puck out against the boards.
  • If defensive player or goalie takes a penalty, penalty shot is awarded.
  • If offensive player takes a penalty, the player serves 1 minute penalty.
  • If offensive player takes a match penalty, the team loses that player and a player serves 3 minutes penalty.
  • If defensive player takes a match penalty, the team loses that player and the opponents are awarded 3 penalty shots.
  • If offensive team is offside, they do a regroup and attempt to enter the zone again.
  • When a goal is scored, the offensive players do a regroup at centre ice.
  • When the puck is cleared out of zone, the offensive players do a regroup at centre ice.
  • Each team is allowed to substitute during the game. They are allowed one extra offensive player and one extra defensive player.

B) Hardest Shot (Diagram)

Each participant has two shots from the slot area. A speed gun shall record the velocity of the puck. Top 4 shooters will advance to the finals. See diagram for layout.

Note: If a player is suspended from the tournament, it will be at the tournament committee's discretion not to allow this player to participate at the skills. 


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